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We are always in need of more Patient Advocates to help serve at one of our three centers! We also need volunteers for seasonal help with our mailings, events, and many other opportunities. Volunteering can look so many different ways, please reach out and let’s see if we can get you involved. Please read through and fill out the five forms below and email them to Kamey Deane. Once your application is reviewed we will reach out to you shortly.


Background Check Disclosure & Form.PDF
Confidentiality Agreement.PDF
Statement of Faith.PDF
Statement of Principle.PDF
Volunteer Application.PDF

Fun Facts About Volunteering:

• Non-medical volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer alone without a parent present.
• Volunteers under 18 are not allowed to be left in a center/building alone.
• Patient facing volunteers must be at least 21 years old to volunteer alone/go in a room with a client.
• Volunteers between 12 and 15 years old are allowed to volunteer with parent supervision but would only be able to volunteer for admin purposes.
• 11 years old and under are not able to volunteer at our centers.
• Volunteers applying to be a Patient Advocate are required to shadow a Patient advocate coordinator, attend the 8 month (once a month) in-person training, and complete the evaluation.
• The evaluation period will be a one-month time frame, immediately following the training.
• Volunteers applying to fill any other role will get on-site training.

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